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CDIA East Terminal Expanison - Phase II
Charlotte Douglas International Airport
DAS Architecture
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Concourse E Expansion Phase 9
5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy
Order Images Details 9/25/2019
9:00 AM 
2:00 PM 
Danville Regional Airport Taxiway H Widening and Hanger Site Development
424 Airport Drive
Talbert, Bright & Ellington
Order Images Details 7/29/2020
10:00 AM 
2:00 PM 
Franklin Water Treatment Plant Fire Alarm Upgrades
Franklin Water Treatment Plant
Charlotte Water
Order Images Details 7/14/2020
2:00 PM 
2:00 PM 
FY21 Small Diameter Water and Sewer Services Contract 2
Charlotte Water
Order Images Details 8/26/2020
1:00 PM 
10:00 AM 
Northwest Residence Hall at Queens University of Charlotte
2210 Radcliff Ave
Queens University
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Sanitary Sewer Improvements Stevens Creek Trunk Sewer Phase II
Stevens Creek
Charlotte Water
Order Images Details 9/1/2020
10:00 AM 
10:00 AM